Beautiful Heidi Swapp file folder mini


I just made one, I will post after I decorate.


One month is way too long

I’m ashamed that I haven’t written for over a month. It’s not that I don’t have any new things to write about, I’ve just been lazy. ( Insert sad music here.) Also, I’m still trying to figure out this blogging this is all about. I get lost in other people’s blogs as they are full of pictures and all that jazz. My blog is full of words, for now that is. Ok, I will stop the pity party and get back to business.

I’ve been on FaceBook in my favorite crafting groups, observing other people get creative. This helps me so much because we all get in a rut. There are so many creative people in these groups. It’s funny how you see someone working on a project then you get motivated to make what they are making. Does that happen to you? So the latest “new” thing I learned was making projects from file folders. I put the word new in quotes because this is new to me but the idea was introduced by some famous crafters I believe earlier this year. So you basically take an average, ordinary file folder, and you turn it into a card, or mini book,or anything you want it to be. So after observing many projects and watching my fair share of You Tube videos, I created several projects. It was exhilarating and fun. I shall post some pictures so you can share in the fun. So next time you go to the office supply store, peak in the file folder section and get your craft on!!

Thanks for reading. I love to read comments so leave thoughts, questions, advice, recipes, ideas, anything you feel like sharing.

Until next time, God bless and be scrapalish!!

Happy Friday!

Still learning how to blog….I posted something this morning from my iPad but it didn’t go through so here it goes again…


The latest trend I discovered (and love) this week is daybooking.  Have YOU heard of it?  Well, if you like mini books you probably already know what a daybook is.  It’s a journal that kind of looks like a Smash book.  You can buy an already made daybook designed by Amy Tangernine….or if you have a lot of paper (like I d0), you can just experiment and make your own.  I discovered a Facebook group called Daybook Delights and the ladies there are so talented.  I got so inspired and got so many new ideas that my brain was hurting.  So anyway, back to Daybooking, you can also look on You Tube.  It turns out that I had already made some daybooks, inspired by Steffo Miller from the Prima team.  She has an awesome You Tube video showing you how to make one.  Leave me a comment if you want the link.  One MORE thing, there are many ways to bind your daybook together, which is half the fun of creating one by the way.  There are those that have a sewing machine that sew it, some sew it by hand, some use binder rings, some use their teeth (just kidding), anyway, all this to say there are many ways to keep your daybook together. Just have fun with it.


Most importantly…………..have fun and be scrapalish.♥